ALL MY FRIENDS (Official Music Video)
by on August 1, 2017

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Shot & Directed by:
Matthew Jackson
Juan Gutierrez
Billy Sanderson

Andrew Young
Breon Jenay

Written/Performed by Avalon Landing
Produced/Engineered by Bryan Russell
Additional Production/Engineering by Pat Hundley
Mixed by Pat Hundley
Mastered by Alex Saltz

Instagram: @avalonlandingmusic

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I didn’t know that there were others at the time
Thought that I was only one of a kind
You were picking out a melody line
In the corner of the room on an old upright

All my friends know
I like to lay low
Behind closed doors
Away from the crowd
I’ll be rolling up my sleeves
They’ll be living out loud
All my friends know

In a basement where the air is stale and dry
Your brothers interrupt as we write
I can’t believe a decade’s gone by
As the time distorts the images in my mind

Who I’m supposed to be never did occur to me before those days
You handed me a map and pointed to a path
Then you turned around and walked the other way

© 2017 Avalon Landing. All Rights Reserved.